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Intelligent Command and Smart Control in the Third Axial Age: The DAO to DeSci of Emergence and Convergence for Peace
Fei-yue Wang
2022, 1(1): 1-11.
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Parallel Command and Control: From C2 to Management and Vice Versa
Zhongmin Liu, Jirong Qin, Yuqiang Liu, Hao Dai, Fei Yao
2022, 1(1): 12-16.
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Toward A Theory for Social Cognitive Operations
Qiang Li, Aiguo Fei, Wen Ding
2022, 1(1): 17-27.
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Intention Prediction and Behavior Prescription of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Issues and Challenges
Jianguo Li, YangQuan Chen, Er Wu
2022, 1(1): 28-41.
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Parallel Mining Operating Systems: From Digital Twins to Mining Intelligence
Long Chen, Dongpu Cao, Yunfeng Ai, Jian Wang, Bin Tian, Lingxi Li, Ge Wang, Fei-Yue Wang
2022, 1(1): 42-46.
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